How To Find DJ Jobs Abroad

Written by on 10 April 2021

How To Find DJ Jobs Abroad

One of the biggest challenges for DJ’s is finding work abroad. Whether your looking to DJ through the summer season or through the winter season, at DJ Work we help you get your foot in the door. There are so many DJ jobs available abroad, the key is to act fast and be organised with recorded mixes and a CV to send.

At DJ work we have new DJ jobs abroad added weekly. Whether your looking to spend a season in Ibiza, Mallorca or anywhere else in the sun, we can help!

The best way to be organised when looking for jobs abroad is to create a DJ profile and write as many details as possible. Clubs & bars will always look for DJ’s with experience so write as much as you can about past experiences, what equipment you use and how long you have been a DJ for.

As you can imagine, many clubs abroad find DJ’s quickly and we always advise members to look for summer work from January onwards. There are new positions available throughout the year though and this is where our alerts feature comes in handy which will send you an email when a new DJ job is added. You can set up alerts for jobs in specific countries, venue types and by keyword making your job search automatic.

What do you need to think about being a DJ abroad?

  1. When talking to a future employer you must find out about accommodation, visa’s and local taxes. Many employers in this field will offer accommodation in the package and sometimes even help with the flight costs!
  2. It’s always advisable not to take too much away with you. It’s much easier and often cheaper to buy clothing when your abroad. You don’t want to be weighed down when you get there. Pack lightly and take only what you need.

When is the best time to do a season abroad?

This is where you need to do your planning. A lot of DJ’s will work away most of the year. For example, you can find DJ jobs in Ibiza which will take you through the summer months and at the end of season head over to a ski resort which is a whole lot of fun! Let’s break down the seasons to give you a good idea on when to start your seasons.

Let’s say your looking for a DJ job in Ibiza, the best time realistically to go is the end of May, beginning of June. This way you can get to know your fellow workers and get organised before the opening parties. If you can’t find anything by June it’s not the end of the world. There are always DJ’s coming and going and you might only want a couple of gigs whilst you’re on holiday!

The winter seasons vary depending on where you go but generally the seasons go from November to April. This makes a perfect changeover to have a month break to find your next bar or club through the summer months once again.

What can I expect with a DJ job abroad?

  • There are so many positives about working abroad in general and being a DJ has even more positives. Of course, being away from home won’t always suit everyone depending on individual circumstances.
  • If your fortunate to not have anything stopping you from jetting off, you will find that a DJ salary is very generous. You can make a very good income from being a resident DJ in most countries. Let’s face it, what makes a club or bar half decent is the DJ. If you are good at what you do, then your employer needs you and for that reason your wages will be quite high with plenty of perks such as free drinks.
  • As said before accommodation is normally included with your job also. If your future employer doesn’t mention anything regarding accommodation, they will be able to give you advice on where to stay. There are loads of cheap accommodation spots in busy resorts where all the workers will stay.
  • You will have your days to spend doing whatever you want from sitting out in the sun or going out on the slopes on your snowboard. Your evening start times will vary depending on where your DJ’ing, but you will have plenty of time in the day to do whatever you want. It’s not all work when your away, see it as a working holiday!

How Do I Find A DJ Job Abroad?

Well the best place to start is by creating your DJ profile with us. We have 100’s of DJ jobs available online, once you have created your profile you can easily apply for jobs directly through the site. We have new DJ jobs added daily all over the world. We have made posting a job completely free to ensure we have as many job positions as possible available for our DJ’s.

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