Are you looking to play more events but finding it difficult to get your name out there? Playing one off events such as festivals, club events, store openings and corporate events can be more rewarding than having a residency. Why? Well because generally when you get an event booking you can guarantee a big audience who have come specifically for the music. The easiest way to get booked to play at events is through DJ Work.

How Hard Is It?

Well you probably already know that the bigger the event, the harder it is to get a set slot. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth applying. You need to stand out from the crowd with your DJ profile, this is your key to success. Before applying to play at a music event spend as much time as you can in perfecting your profile. Make sure you add your DJ mixes and be sure that they are the best quality in which you can play.

When you fill in your past experiences they must be legit but try and think of every bit of experience you have had in your DJ career. The more experience you can show the more likely you are to get shortlisted for sets.

What Do You Need In Your DJ Profile?

  1. We advise all DJ’s to upload a picture. Spending the extra time creating your profile like adding a photo will help you get noticed when applying for jobs.
  2. Don’t just create one profile. Most DJ’s have multiple aliases in which they use for different genres. Unless you are a big-name DJ it’s well worth being versatile when it comes to music genres. Have different profiles for different genres of music and you will increase your chances of getting gigs.
  3. Uploaded only your best mixes or live sets to your Soundcloud or Mixcloud account. There’s nothing worse than looking at an artists Soundcloud and finding unfinished tracks, mixes that aren’t 100% the best. Be professional in your appearance and this will help get you booked for events.


Don’t always look for events in locations close to your home. Most event organisers will happily pay for travel expenses and sometimes accommodation for DJ’s. The whole fun in getting booked to DJ is visiting cities and always being on the move. There aren’t many DJ’s who will make it in the scene without doing the travel!

Don’t Look For Certain Events

Many DJ’s will apply only to the big events and club events. Sometimes it’s always good to start small and progress onto bigger things. Quite often store opening events are run by promoters who have bigger projects and will likely book you again if you do a good job. Getting booked for the bigger events is easier when you have more experience and if you can build up a portfolio of events from shops, restaurants and bars, you will be more appealing to big promoters in the festival industry. When a promoter can see that you have worked many different places playing different genres, you will look a lot more appealing.

Also, what is worth noting is that once you get booked for an event. Keep in close contact with the promoter as there could be a lot more future events that you can play at!