Back to Life Official Reunion

Bowlers Manchester [Manchester]

Event info
Date: 24th April 2021
Location: Bowlers Manchester
Address: Longbridge Rd Manchester M17 1SN Manchester
Phone: 0161 876 0007
Back to Life Official Reunion – Event and Ticket Info
Meeting concluded! It was hard to actually contain our excitement in that meeting. Just walking into the iconic building where all our memories are, it was quite emotional.
We would like to thank Bowlers management who are as excited as we are about this fantastic project which will make so many people so happy. Bowlers are equally as enthusiastic as we are about this, when they expressed how happy they was to have four genuine fans who care about the brand like they do to actually do this, I got shivers down my spine!
The date of the event is fitting. We all agreed Saturday April 24th and the reason being when the clock strikes midnight and we go into the 25th, that date was 29 years to the day that the first Life event opened its doors at the venue. We will do something special at midnight to commemorate this!
We have decided to make this as authentic a reunion as possible and make it an over 30s event. There are a lot of mature and educated Bowlers followers in their 30s, it is our decision having considered all the fantastic feedback, that we feel this is the perfect age limit to set. We was going to go 35 plus but we have had a lot of messages from people who have partners in their early 30s so we have extended it a little but not too far.
There will also be no pay on the day so we can monitor the kind of people we have in the venue and so that we keep this for the original ravers.
We want to manage your expectations and must reiterate that this is a team effort between us and Bowlers, and we will make of it what you put into it now. The venue have now done their part and are taking the financial risk putting this event on, and by excluding under 30s and pay on the day they have lost a large source of ticket sales and income. So credit to them, they are doing their part.
They was quite clear with this and wanted us to translate this to you all for transparency. If the event sold lets say 400-500 tickets, it will go in the small back arena so will look packed and be a great experience. If we sell 700-800 tickets it will then be moved into the second biggest arena, again perfect number for that size arena and look great. Once we sell 1200 tickets, that is when this gets serious. The event will be transferred into the main arena, they will also bring in the dodgems, gyroscope, Velcro sticky suit and wall, chill out zone, a retro 90s car display and more! They will also fly in the original resident Life DJs (think you know who we mean) and also book a PA. Looking at the response we have had so far I really think we will do this, and we will get big numbers.
The little touches that are being done will make this as authentic as you can get. Ice pops will be sold on the bar, 90s rave attire will be encouraged, we will have a memorabilia table which will feature 90s Life flyers and merchandise, there will be VIP parking for anyone coming to the event in a 90s vehicle, there will be special guests, and a wall of Life with every single member listed on a giant LED wall! We are open to ideas so anything else you think of please let us know as this is purely fan driven. Let us know your thoughts and ideas, we will take good ideas to management to get them approved. There will even be cool photo opportunities like a giant Mitsubishi tablet carved from polystyrene! No stone will be left unturned in our persute of making it authentic.
We want to keep you all involved in this group and share the decision making with you and the venue, so we will be doing polls polls and more polls to find out exactly what you want and how you want it.
This group has rocketed to over 2500 members in a week, all are true Life fanatics, so the demand is well and truly there. All we need to do now to turn this into the greatest fan lead clubbing reunion in history, is convert our excitement into buying tickets. We all want that main arena, and we all want it packed just the way it used to be with like minded ravers having a good time. So it is now down to us to do our part and buy tickets to get what we want. The way this group has exploded and with the backing of Bowlers, there is no reason why we cannot fill the place just like it was in its heyday. The more of us that are there, the better it will be.
Tickets will go on sale Friday at 7pm. Anyone who buys a ticket will automatically receive a Life membership. You will be allocated a membership number, and receive your membership card on entry at the venue.
Tickets will be priced at £20. There will be another ticket priced at £25 which includes merchandise which you again collect on entry at the event. Here is what you get with both ticket types
£20 + bf (membership, membership card, name included on wall of Life screen)
£25 + bf (membership, membership card, souvenir keyring, souvenir flyer, souvenir entry tickets, name included on wall of Life screen)
Physical tickets will be available cash only from Bowlers box office date to be announced when they will be made available at the venue.
Now are you excited? We are, lets make the impossible possible and bring our club home back to life!
Trigger fingers ready at 7pm Friday, lets make sure we make that big room, and not only that, but I genuinely believe we can fill the place with thousands of ravers just like the good old days, and make it a night to truly remember, just like we used to do in the 90s!
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