Carl Cox steps up for exclusive Awesome Soundwave mix

Written by on 27th August 2020

Carl‘s sets are renowned for diversity, innovation and his ever-present dance floor propulsion and this exclusive ASW set is further evidence of the irrepressible and exuberant nature of one of the world’s greatest DJs.

Originally recorded for the Awesome Soundwave LIVE series presented by Beatport as an online festival earlier in the year, Carl felt this set was a great reflection of the strength of the material released so far through his and partner Christopher Coe‘s label.

This set is a celebration of how far ASW has come in the last two years and a signpost to even more exciting music ahead. With tracks from every artist who has released on ASW thus far, and presented by Carl in such an exciting and different way, it shows how musically diverse, uncompromising and interesting the label is. In a time when many labels are following the formula of releasing EPs from producer DJs, ASW stands alone in its quest to shine a light on artists who perform live and who have something more to say in their creative scope.

The fact that ASW insists on releasing albums in a time when everyone else is focused on single EPs and single tracks shows the commitment this label has to giving the artist room for expression that goes beyond the dance floor. This is Carl’s vision, he didn’t want to start another DJ led label, he wanted to create something altogether more expansive and encompassing.

Starting in 2018 with Christopher Coe‘s album MNTNS of SLNC as the benchmark for this new vision, Carl and Christopher set about creating something awesome. And here we are.

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